My Productivity Tools

I like to use the following productivity tools to get work done – because stock windows just doesn’t cut it. The following list is geared towards an actuarial work setting. Your use type may differ. I’ve categorized them into a number of key areas.

1. Text editor – to code efficiently
For all your programming needs (SAS, Python, R) you’ll likely want to use a decent text editor. Most of my coding needs are related to writing SAS code.

I prefer to use Notepad++ to code for it’s minimalistic nature. It provides some rich editing features and a tabbed layout to manage multiple files. Sublime is also another great option.

2. Task logger – to keep track
Keeping track of your work is important and crucial to managing your time in a work environment. Not only will it help you remember tasks but also help track progress. The next time you’re at a team meeting you’ll be prepared.

3. File manager – to manage the web of directories
In any working environment there’s likely going to be a number of directory structures that you’ll need to either commit to memory or manage in some way. There are some great third party file managers out there.

I use Clover. Switched back to the standard explorer. Total commander is a common tool people use for advanced file manipulation.

4. Note Taking – for archiving useful things

Evernote, Sublime

5. Reading – to keep up to date
Pocket. Flipboard. Medium. Reddit.

6. App launcher – to load stuff faster

I use Keypirinha to launch applications and do simple tasks like calculations super fast.

7. Screenshots – capture and share information

I use Greenshot to take and capture custom screenshots. I used to use windows snipping tool but find it really clunky and pretty featureless. Also you have to manually load it before you can use it. With Greenshot it is always running in the background.

On Mac I tend to use the built in Command + Shift + 4 and find it works pretty well compared to it’s windows cousin.

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