2019 in Review

Here’s a look back at how this blog has performed over the last year. Considering I started this blog as a study tool way back when I was doing my Fellowship exams I’m quite happy with the performance.

2019 had 2,651 views from 1,646 unique visitors

Yearly views were up close to double the year prior.

Strong activity in October

Most of the views clustered around the near the end of October. You can see the ARIMA post continue to drive most of the traffic while a number of newer posts also gained a fair bit of traffic. Likely due to sharing on cross platforms.

The ARIMA post was again the most visited.

Most of the traffic came from search.

Surprisingly Lithuania drove a lot of traffic.

My posting was fairly infrequent as you can see I barely posted this year. Although I did pick it up towards the end of the year.

Posting history

You can see year on year the monthly views are tracking up. A lot of this is not due to any marketing or sharing on my part. Google is doing it’s thing. The more content I share the more people end up here.

Total Views by month.

This year I plan to write a lot more than I have previously. Not sure if I can top 2019 but here goes for 2020.

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