CEOs Try to Predict the Future in 10 Years

12 CEOs were asked by Vanity Fair to make predictions on the next 10 years. Check back in 10 years to see how they did. Here’s their responses.

In 10 years, will Amazon dominate every industry? 1/12 – sounds like a case of vested interest.

In 10 years, will Apple continue to put out an iPhone? 8/12 – apparently not going anywhere.

In 10 years, will automation create massive unemployment? 5/12 – even split.

In 10 years, will Disney still be creating Star Wars movies? 11/12 – 1 hater.

In 10 years, will Brick & Mortar stores still exist? 10/12 – who would’ve thought.

In 10 years, will Cable television still exist? 7/12 – cable seems to be on a shaky platform.

In 10 years, will Conference Calls still be terrible? 11/12 – always 1 dreamer.

In 10 years, will Artificial Intelligence be a danger to humanity? 0/12 – 4 not so certain.

In 10 years, will there be Movie Theatres? 12/12 – everyone loves Cinema.

In 10 years, will driverless cars outnumber regular cars? 4/12 – did someone say Elon Musk.

In 10 years, will Football exist? 10/12 – not going anywhere

In 10 years, will we have solved Fake News? 4/12 – people will still have agendas.

In 10 years, will there be Newspapers or Magazines with Physical Circulation? 10/12 – what is dead may never die.

In 10 years, will VR be our primary form of entertainment? 2/12 – google John Cormack.

If you would like to watch the whole video it can be found here.

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